Japan Sinks 2020 – Episode 2 Recap


Japan Sinks 2020 – “Farewell, Tokyo”

The reaction of people when hit by a disaster is not always pleasant. As the water rises, fires burning everywhere, people are panicking where to go and what to do. It is unavoidable that there will be people fighting over food because everyone wants to save their own lives. You’d either be a hero or just want to survive in this calamity. Mari Mutoh already proved that she’s a hero by saving a kid on the plane but Ayumu still feels guilty for leaving her team mates behind. Haruo Koga, Mutoh family’s neighbor, was rumored as a hikikomori, or a person who is withdrawn, not going outside, and not socializing to anyone. Just like other people, his mother unfortunately died on the tragedy.

The fate of Nanami Miura’s family was not disclosed but it’s pretty obvious what had happened to them. Everyone tried to find a safe place for them to camp but they reached a crossroad. The Mutoh family, Nanami and Haruo decided to take the path going West while the rest chose to go East. Was it the right decision? Maybe. The path going West looks like it’s going uphill but we’ll never know what happened to the rest. At least nobody tried to fight to become the leader. Everyone was free to chose whom they’re going with.

Although everything seems to be going fine, it’s going to be so unrealistic if the entire team survived, right? If everyone was saved, I don’t think the remaining characters would be more matured and keep on fighting to survive.


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