BurningAngel’s Cindy Queen of Hell, Part 3


BurningAngel heats things up with their Queen of Hell series. This episode teases a bit of daddy-daughter bonding and shows a lot of the devil’s right-hand man doing battle with a succubus. This scene brings back Small Hands as Levi and Sarah Jessie as the ever tempting Hectate. The story is as old as the Bible (or at least Shakespeare) and this retelling of a temptation for betrayal works rather well in the story. This is a huge selling point for me for all of Burning Angel’s works. The series are actual series, they build off each other.

Building off from the previous scene, Cindy is shown to doubt her place in the grand scheme of things. Also building off of a previous scene, Small Hands shows that he really is Lucifer’s friend. He proves it by taking one for the team (if doing anything with Sarah Jessie could be considered a bad thing). Sarah Jessie is new for me but I did some homework and saw a few of her other video offerings and photo sets. She always looked great but she looks more defined in this video. Her obliques look especially good when she’s on top of Small Hands.

Her obliques aren’t the only thing that works great with Sarah Jessie. The sexual content is all high octane and it really does well to sell the desire Hecate has for power and how she will try to use her body to get what she wants. I’m not sure how many of us could resist Hecate, but the ending line sums many a relationship up.

As a part of a series, this works well to push the story line and establish the characters. As a Burning Angel video production, this holds up rather well. The production value is always top notch and the scenes are hotter than hell (in more than one way).

Succubus Hecate, Sarah Jessie, is furious that the Devil is trying to crown his half-human daughter Cindy Queen of Hell – so furious that she tries to launch an evil plan with Leviathan to undermine Lucifer’s efforts! Using her demon wits and tits, she is determined to rule the underworld and she’ll stop at nothing, including fucking his best friend. Too bad she didn’t realize: Levi would never double-cross his bro like that, so he put on his best performance, did the deed, and revealed the truth after he came all over her!


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