Ari Dee shows off her Star Wars swag


Star War. Oh, my generation knew the untouched goodness that was the original Trilogy. I remember wearing out the VHS tape (more than once). Now we have Ari Dee showing off a bit of her Star War swag. I really love that shirt. I also rather love the light saber mustache. It made me recall the prequel that had so much hope (with a rather very cool bad guy) only to be outdone by awful writing (the bad guys were politicians or?), horrible characters, and huge fricken gaps in the extended universe. Not to mention the child actor. Who knew then that that kid would be the closest we’d get to an emotive Anakin.

This photoshoot is cute. It is actually sorta fun looking around at her Star Wars gear. It made me remember all those times going to a friend’s house and playing Star Wars. Of course, my friend never looked like Ari Dee, so there is another layer here too. When Ari Dee starts to display a bit of an oral fetish with some of her gear, well, things heat up. There is one picture that I rather love (but it is not safe for work). She’s licking a bit, but the best photo is where she is holding the green light saber. I’m pretty sure Luke never thought of that for a hiding spot.

May the Schwartz be with you.

Star Wars
I show off my love of Star Wars by posing in my SW shirt with all my favorite SW gear!


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