Pollyrocket_x is ready for a showdown as Arcade Miss Fortune.


Pollyrocket_x is shooting for the high-score as the eye-popping Arcade Miss Fortune, femme fatale extraordinaire of League of Legends.

Pollyrocket_x is at the top of the board with her amazing costumes, the powerfully pink and white corset is fit to burst, the purpled chequered miniskirt is detailed and mobile complete with purple high-heeled boots, white hat and perfect rainbow hair, the costume is as stunning as her cleavage.

Of course, no cosplay is complete without props and Pollyrocket_x’s dual pistols provide the kill-shot to complete the costume. Jump on in and try not to lose an eye – this is one nexus rush you don’t want to miss.






If you are here, thank you for being here. The people who choose to spend their time with me, be it for 5 minutes, or 5 hours. The people who contribute to my room with funny, insightful and polite conversation. The small tippers, the big tippers… I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for encouraging me in this journey and for helping make my life as wonderful as it is. My name is Polly, I am a full-time newbie cam model. I started on MFC on 22nd April 2016 and the experience so far has been amazing! I am truly honoured to have met so amazing friends already and cannot wait to get to know the rest of you better. I’m artistic, submissive, sometimes a teeny weeny bit of a brat, but my heart is in the right place 😉 I’m incredibly selfless, I don’t value myself above anybody else. I’m sensitive, caring, and probably a lot more shy than I appear. I love to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some incredible places across the globe. My dream destination is Japan and I hope to travel there one day to experience both city life and the beautiful nature. My favourite food is sushi, and my favourite drink is gin. I like Hendricks gin and tonic with cucumber or anything that tastes like pudding. I love to sing and play the ukulele. I went to stage school, I’ve always enjoyed performing. I love going to the theatre now as an adult. I’m artistic, I love to create things. Tell me to solve an equation and I’ll struggle. But give me a pen and paper and I can draw you, give me an instrument and I can write you a song, give me a kitchen and I can make the most delicious deserts! I love all animals, I love people that love animals too. I’m obsessed with the ocean and sea monsters. My favourite animals are whales and giant squids. I’m a self-confessed geeky girl, I enjoy playing chess and Mario kart. I enjoy cosplaying also. Sexually I’m very submissive. I’m exceptionally good at doing what I’m told. I live at home with my cat Lily and my snake Yoshi. Lily is a Persian chinchilla cat, and Yoshi is a green tree python. I don’t have any crazy rules for my room. Be polite and kind, introduce yourself when you feel ready, my least enjoyable shows are the ones where I am sat in silence… If nobody talks to me, I will talk to myself. But it is so much more pleasant to chat with friends! If this is your first time to my room, please don’t judge me or my shows by what you are seeing today. I try to always keep my shows inventive, different and interesting, showing off different parts of my personality, what you see today, isn’t necessarily what you will see tomorrow. All my love – Polly xoxoxox


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