The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 5: Hell, No I’m Not Modelling!


“Hell, No I’m Not Modelling!” is the fifth episode of Myx TV’s reality show “The Doll Life” showing the lives of the Dolldelight models and designer of dolly fashion, Cyril Lumboy.

It is the night before HanaDoki Con fashion show and everyone is so excited; however, Tiffany is excited to cosplay and not to model for DollDelight.

In the previous episode, Stephanie and Stevie sabotaged Tiffany’s wig for cosplay so that Audra will be blamed for it and at the same time, Tiffany will focus on modelling for the Dolldelight fashion show.

Stephanie’s evil plan succeeded because Tiffany blamed Audra for it and she thought Audra made her take a shower first so that Audra will sabotaged her wig. Poor Audra! So instead of cosplaying on the masquerade that they are all attending, she wore the Dolldelight dress and she felt so righteous that she told Cyril that Audra sabotaged her and this enraged Cyril because Tiffany doesn’t have any proof that Audra did it nor that Audra has any reason to. Why can’t they accept the fact that someone is just plain nice and sweet? I guess we know some people like that.

After the masquerade, Audra bolted out of the room claiming that she has a lot of friends there that she can stay with and that she can trust. After waiting for hours if Tiffany would return, Audra told Cyril and the others that Audra left and never came back. Talk about professionalism. All of this problem is caused by Stephanie’s decision and not waiting for Cyril’s instructions and hired Tiffany. Unfortunately for her, Tiffany’s not following any of her orders and has a plan of her own — to cosplay and not to model. I’m excited on how this would turn out on the next episode.

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