The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 12: The Show Must Go On


This is the last episode for this season of Myx TV‘s reality TV show, The Doll Life, with the title The Show Must Go On. Cyril was really hurt last time because she tried so hard to keep the group together but it seems like everyone wants to go focus on their own careers.

Stevie’s going to have his first fashion show but still lacks 2 models and he asked Stephanie’s help for two more models, which she promised she would. I actually expected Stephanie to give Stevie a special treatment but she forgot the two models she promised and this infuriated Stevie and told Cyril and the others that only Stephanie sabotaged Tiffany’s wig at Hana Doki Con. Stephanie and Stevie were also upset that Audra is back and Cyril assigned her as the Head Model of Dolldelight for that show. Stevie and Stephanie should get over the fact that Audra is there and just focus on the reason why Cyril brought her back — because the Head Model and Assistant of Dolldelight is too busy focusing on their personal careers instead of helping Dolldelight. Cyril will need all the help she can get.

Surprisingly, the Pride Con was successful; however, Stephanie would not let the day or the event end without causing so much drama. At the afterparty of Pride Con, Audra was so happy to be the Head Model for the day and Stephanie became too jealous so she made a scene by screaming saying that Audra was not deserving and taking off Audra’s wig. Audra fought back and told Tiffany, who was there at the show, that Stephanie was the one who sabotaged her wig. It was a real disaster! Although the fashion show was a success, the Pride Con was not that successful because of Stephanie, the one who set up the show, is supposed to show love and not too much hate and violence. She’s not a good example of being a leader or a manager or a head model, for that matter.

It’s a very intense episode but I’m pretty sure all of us will be looking forward for the next season and hopefully, the next season will have more episodes! I hope that Stevie, Stephanie and Paula will accept Audra this time and erase all that hate. Can’t wait for #Season3 of #TheDollLife at #MyxTV


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