Getting Dark and Gritty With RazorCandi


In this tantalizing photoshoot, Razor Candi bares her body-art and exquisitely formed body against a backdrop of punk art in a gritty Las Vegas bar bathroom. RazorCandi slips out of her ripped band t-shirt and skin-tight pants to reveal her dangerous desires underneath. I wish I could show you the whole collection, but RazorCandi gets quickly albeit teasingly bare, her pallor shimmering against her scanty black thong and the dank, painted walls of the bathroom. This alt supermodel strips for the camera and spreads everything, begging for hungry eyes in the back of the bar after the show.

You can practically see lust dripping from her eyes and thighs as she braces herself bare and bent over in her high-heeled boots, just below the locked up condom dispenser. The only filth you’ll start to see as she poses and licks her lips are her lurid, lusty intentions. Her eyes look to the camera as if to ask, “What are you waiting for? Who cares if the door is locked?”

I wonder how far she is going to go in her coffee table art book

RazorCandi Punk Bar Erotic 1

RazorCandi Punk Bar 2

RazorCandi Punk Bar Erotic 3

Sexy RazorCandi strips in a Las Vegas punk bar bathroom.

Really excited about this set for a couple reasons. First reason being that it was shot with Amelia G, which was a great honor and a pleasure to work with! Secondly the location was awesome! I’ve always been obsessed with graffiti and street art and the fact that this location was in a really cool punk bar only made it that much better. It was undeniable to pass up sneaking off and getting naughty in the bathroom for this set 😉

Words from the photographer: This was shot at my very favorite bar in Las Vegas. The punk DJ playing this night was so good. Practically, every track, we were all like “oh, I love this song!” RazorCandi looks gorgeous in every lighting situation, so we were hanging out, listening to great music and having a few drinks, but I kept looking at her and thinking “must take photographs!” The super cool graffiti bathroom made it so we just had to shoot a set. By the way, if any of you missed your chance to get the RazorCandi coffee table photo book and calendar, for just a few days, you can buy the book and get the calendar free!


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