RazorCandi gets Wasted in Leather


‘I wear lace and I wear black leather…’ I know Alice Cooper sang that about Jim Morrison but he sure the heck could have made that RazorCandi’s anthem. Razor Candi is back, and this time her leather is a bit mid-drift and it doesn’t stay on too long. She is covered, from head to toe, in awesomeness. The leather top is just for starts. The ammo belt and black skirt with panties are a great set along with those shoes (where does she get those shoes?). The only thing that stays one for any length of time are the shoes (and that’s always a good thing).

I love RazorCandi’s photo sets, but the videos are a must have. The videos are so hot, my computer just crashed. I will try to recap what I had already said, I think it went something like: ‘Holy God, there’s a fricken Slow-Mo button here!’. Yes, if you ever wanted to see Razor strip, pull out a toy–lick it and then, well, you know, then this is a must have. I am not even describing the best part of the video. What? You mean there is something more in this video than her slowly taking off her clothes for the camera? Something more than just her playing with a toy? Yes. Lord, yes. It’s the way she does it–in different positions–and ending up with her back to the camera, somehow balancing on those perfect heels of hers and…(sorry, Not Safe for Work to even Explain what’s happening).

I’m really looking forward to the RazorCandi Gothic Punk Deathrock Pinup Coffee Table Art Book coming out. Right now, it has met its funding goal and is definitely going to be published, but I’m hoping it hits its stretch goal and all backers like me get free calendars too. As you probably know, if you’ve heard me go on about how much I like Kickstarter before, it is a great way of funding creative projects. It is really easy to sign up for a Kickstarter account with whatever public nickname you like and pledge to your heart’s content.


A fitting name for this set since the idea behind the scenario is pretty simple: Just a single punk chick who stumbles back to her hotel room, wasted, after a night out at a gig. After returning home I’m feeling the need to keep my buzz going with yet more alcohol. As I’m hitting my climax of inebriation I’m also feeling the need to hit the climax of ecstasy to end the perfect night. Hope you enjoy watching me strip out of my skimpy studded gear in both this photo set and video 😉


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