The book every RazorCandi fan needs!


If you have read anything–at all–that I have posted about RazorCandi you know she’s my favorite model to review. After watching her Kickstarter video, well, let’s just say I was rather amazed. All of this time I’ve been covering RazorCandi and saying how great she was as a model and then paying a compliment to the design team for her wardrobe and then paying another compliment to the killer makeup…it turns out it was the same person I’ve been complimenting. Holy crow, I know Razor Candi is talented, but she’s a bloody genius too. I can’t believe she’s so artistic!

Can you imagine an entire book of her BEST stuff? I can’t even fathom what my ‘short list’ would be for her BEST stuff! My mind is having flashback of the Razor Candi kind and it’s a rather cool trip down memory lane. Even with all of the rather amazing sets I’ve seen; after all the great ink I’ve covered of hers (LOVE the BOWIE!); and even after seeing some fricken creative costumes from hair down to her boots–after all of that, I still missed this ‘holy crap! look at that!’ moment from Razor Candi.

When did she do a borg costume? How did I miss this? This is so cool–just look at the makeup and the eyepiece. She has an entire book planned like this, folks!

I always say ‘put my money where my mouth is’ (or I guess, putting my money where my fingers…wait..strike that, that sounds a bit dirty. Although, that would explain all those times at Cheetahs…) and that means supporting this great concept from RazorCandi. I’m a huge fan and I know you are too (I mean who the heck isn’t?!). Razor Candi had me at wanting to create an art book. Seeing Amelia G from BlueBlood being attached to it for publishing is a great cherry on top of the RazorCandi sundae. These two women are the top of their fields and to see Amelia G back this book is a great feeling. More art in the world is definitely needed and my hats off to the both of them.

So, if you LOVE Razor Candi’s imagination and want to proudly display it live for your filthy little eyes, then you need to get in on this Kickstarter campaign. I’m in and I hope to see you ‘in’ too.


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