RazorCandi Undone


RazorCandi is back and she’s coming Undone. This Razor Candi shoot is a mix of the natural with the punk (and a wee bit of torn nylons). If you’ve been following Razor Candi you will notice that this shoot is actually natural lighting. As she says in the blockquote below, that really does alter the mood of a shoot. It comes across here loudly. Does it mean she’s not her usual punky self? Of course not! One look at the studs on that leather should put that fear to rest–but what it does mean is we get to see another side of Razor. Is it a softer side? Take a look at those heels and tell me you’d call Razor soft. This, for me, is more of an ‘open’ side of her.

Open works good. It shows a flash of vulnerability in that hardened punk exterior. The leather works great–the shoes are fantastic–but what really sets this all off are the nylons. I never knew I’d like ripped nylons this much. I guess one of the ‘hazards’ of this job is that my exposure to different things allows me to add to my list of what I’m into. Maybe it’s not just the nylons, but rather how Razor moves in them that counts. What do you think? (And while you think of ripped nylons and Razor Candi, don’t forget to bow down to those eyes. That black with green–stunning.)

I’m really looking forward to the RazorCandi Gothic Punk Deathrock Pinup Coffee Table Art Book Kickstarter project succeeding. Right now, it is at 83% of its goal. As you probably know, if you’ve heard me go on about how much I like Kickstarter before, it is a great way of funding creative projects. It is really easy to sign up for a Kickstarter account with whatever public nickname you like. However, if you pledge to support RazorCandi, you do not get charged when you pledge. You do not get charged at all, unless she meets her funding goal. With Kickstarter, it is all or nothing.


A casual morning set that turned into a strong and successful set. I’m loving the gitty punk-ness of course but I’ve coupled the look with some mesh and lace lingerie to keep it sexy. I think the most appealing part about this set to me is the soft natural lighting coming in through the window. Normally my sets are shot with photography strobes, which sets a very editorial mood, since this seemed like a set that would be shot with strobes I wanted to be a little unpredictable and pair this look with a softer atmosphere. Hope you all enjoy!


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