RazorCandi in Batcave Beauty


RazorCandi lets it all hang out in this Batcave Beauty set. Usually, I like to tease the photos and talk about the action in the shoot, but this time I am going directly to my favorite photo of the whole set. As RazorCandi says this is her unleashed, if you will, I find it my civic duty to demonstrate what sort of rapture she set forth.

First, let’s talk about the purple wig. It works on her. I think purple is her color. I also like the way it plays with the all black attire. A spot of color, or so they say. What really works well in that outfit are the shoes. Those spikes give a new definition of “h*** on high heels”. I’m sure we wouldn’t mind that inferno one bit. Now, on to the picture I must talk about (but, sadly, can’t include here).

Imagine, if you will, Razor Candi having a chain attached to her tongue, and that chain graces along her chest, down towards her belly and stops shortly by her inner thighs where the other clamp secures it in place. Now imagine a shoot going from chain up that shows one end now attached to her chest (both sides). Can you picture that? Her eyes gazing into you? A tight pout of her dark shaded lips. Can you see the lace on her body, the same lace that cleverly crawls down her leather boots. Needless to say, I’m a fan of this shoot. Here are a few safe for work photos to hold you over until you get home and/or the kids take their NyQuil. You’ll thank me later.

P.S. She also says there’s a video of this…


I thought it was time to bring you the REAL RazorCandi, the true color behind who I really am and the lifestyle I proudly represent with my set Batcave Beauty! I feel that this set shows off my true colors a lot better while Ruination shows off simply what I look like underneath all the make up, glitz, and well I wouldn’t so much say glamour, but still, I thought it would be nice to share two sets on the opposite extremes! I also thought it was time to capture a set reminiscent of my old deathrock style, those of you who have followed my work for the past ten years will know what I am talking about 🙂 Hope you are patient enough to sit through the set and find out where those clamps end up 😉 I can never leave members hanging so I also shot a video!

Words from the photographer: Without a doubt Razorcandi has grown into more than just a model. Given her huge following in the gothic scene a rekindling of her gothic look is always very exciting for me. Whilst many feel that their true self lies beneath clothing and make-up Razorcandi exists in all her honesty in these dark styles and any photographer would agree that shooting something unique is better than something predictable. That being said here are RazorCandi’s true colors. Since this is her element of course she’s more comfortable and that is reflected in the set!


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