The transformation of RazorCandi


Ever wonder what Spiderman looks like under his mask? Remember all of those episodes in cartoons and film about unmasking the web head? Well, RazorCandi is about to raise the bar again. For the first time since I’ve been covering her, she is unmasking herself. That’s right–tonight we get to meet the real Razor Candi. This is quite a concept really. Is Razor Candi a persona or a person? We can debate this for a length of time, but don’t we all have our own masks? Are you ever the same person with your parents as you are with your friends?

What’s interesting here is just how stunning RazorCandi is without makeup. She truly is transforming into a work of art in front of our eyes. Imagine the girl-next-door, and now imagine her applying contact lenses, eyelashes, different spectrum colors of makeup and some funky paint thrown in with a bit of punk/deathrock style clothing. The pictures really do speak for themselves. If you are a fan of RazorCandi, then this set is a must see. I have known a lot of cosplay/costume models who would never lift the veil, so it is a special treat that we can see RazorCandi as she is. Oh, and for the record, she looks darn good in glasses.


Ever wonder what it takes for me to get geared up?

This shoot was really just shot all in good fun for fans and people who are curious about what it takes for me to transition into ‘RazorCandi’. I thought this transition would be the perfect theme for yet again another themed contest called ‘transition’. This set was really about the art behind make up, styling and my skill to transition myself from one person to another. I’ve always loved art and enjoyed using it in a way to visually dress myself as a creative walking art piece.

Words from the photographer: “After years of experience working with Razorcandi I could think of nothing more fitting for a “transition” shoot than actually capturing her own transformation that I bear witness to so many times before shoots. In the hopes that this theme at least loosely fits the idea behind the subject of the contest please enjoy seeing the transformation of this model from a casual laid back punk-rock chick to a walking visual nuclear-blast of larger than life grotesquely-glamorous goth – deathrock icon…RAZORCANDI!”


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