SciFiDreamGirls Ashley Fires Fembot Makeout


SciFiDreamgirls has a very exciting, albeit different, treat for you with the gorgeous Ashley Fires wearing a lab coat and a dress that does not reveal much of her body, but does make her look sexy and intellectual while also letting you see a lot of her great legs, as she tries out a very interesting protocol on her incredibly realistic fembot, model HRX 0069.

Said experiment covers a very specific element of seduction only, but since there is nothing else to distract you from it, it works so well that you’ll be going through the images again and again and hitting the replay button on the video for a long time.

Now, I have been talking a lot about alluring experiments and robots, but I haven’t yet told you what to expect from this set, have I?

Well, let’s correct that!

What you’ll see here is a test of HRX 0069’s kissing program, which may sound a bit simple, but when you see the skill that both HRX 0069 and Ashley Fires display as their lips softly caress each other while you see their tongues glistening invitingly as they play together in a mesmerizing dance full of eroticism that will make you discover that you don’t need to be looking at explicit nude content to be captivated and aroused.

These two ladies have it all going on with this kiss test that oozes sensuality and makes your blood pump faster than ever as your eyes are glued to them while you witness this magnificent moment that truly makes you feel like technology has achieved a new high point.



Episode #2: HRX 0069 Body Motion and Kiss Test
Dr. Fires runs HRX 0069 through some simple diagnostics, including basic body motions and kissing ability.





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