RazorCandi hard at work


It’s hard for me to imagine a normal RazorCandi work day. I have to say I was rather pleasantly surprised when I saw this shoot. It’s Razor Candi and her cellphone. One of the things that first caught my eye was her makeup. I’m used to RazorCandi being a bit painted and this shoot doesn’t reflect it. This is her in her raw element of the daily grind. Without the costuming and the makeup, I actually noticed her lips for the first time. How weird is that? I mean, we all know Razor Candi is punk, but this side is something of a cool time-out.

There are two photos that I can’t show, but are ‘must sees’. One is her making a face (I really love candid work) but she’s topless (sorry!). The two aspects work rather well together and shows a bit of playful innocence. The other is, well, she goes a bit bottomless (a lot bottomless) in the photos and I noticed something for the first time after a year or two plus of covering Razor Candi. I noticed the color of her hair. I feel almost ‘old man pervert’ for even noticing, let alone bringing it up, but it is a rather interesting moment when you see it. I won’t spoil the shoot by giving anything away (I will give you a hint, she isn’t naturally purple) but if you ever wondered–‘old man pervert’ title aside–this is the shoot for you. We get to see a more playful and natural RazorCandi than we have ever before (and I enjoyed every snap of it).

Oh, did I mention there is another great video that goes with the photos? All I can say is, Thank God for cellphones.

PS Speaking of RazorCandi doing work, she is doing a Kickstarter for a coffee table photo art book she is working on and there is still time to get photos and books from her!


Oh gee, oh my! Voyeurs beware, this is a hot one! I totally went there and got a little naughty with my phone while I was at work 😉 Can’t help but admit that there is something very exhilarating and kinky about getting naked in your very own place of work. I hope you enjoy watching me strip down and flaunt all my naughty parts for your enjoyment!


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