RazorCandi TBT


We are all big fans of gorgeous deathrock chameleon model Razor Candi over here at Sexy Fandom. I first noticed her many many years ago, when she would post all these fabulous photographs on LiveJournal, way before things like Instagram came along. As part of the promo for her forthcoming hardcover coffee table art photo book, she has been posting a lot of Throwback Thursday photos which are really fun to see. I’d guess only some will be in the book, but here is a small sampling for your viewing pleasure. I highly recommend checking out her Kickstarter in the 2 days left remaining. Even if you don’t pledge, her video is an interesting insight into her creative process. If you do want to pledge, you can get, not only the book, but associated custom photography, exclusive T-shirts, and maybe even calendars, if she hits her stretch goal.


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