Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Steamy Hot Cubone Cosplay by Alice Maree Joy


Since the release of the new game app, “Pokemon Go“, the Pokemon fever is once again alive and is now taking over the world. Its an augmented reality game where players are supposed to catch Pokemons in the real world using their mobile gadgets. People are now once again taking walks outside their homes not to exercise but to play Pokemon Go, despite the possible “hazards” of playing the game.

On second thought, I suppose you won’t mind the risks if you are to catch this beautiful Pokemon cosplayed by the lovely Australian cosplayer, Alice Maree Joy. She’s Cubone, a lonely Pokemon who longs to see its Mother whom she’ll never see again. Whenever she sees the moon which resembles her lost mother, she cries in agony.

These stunning photos taken by Pixel of Shae perfectly illustrates this cute fella’s life.

Pokemon 104: Cubone

Pokemon 104: Cubone


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