RazorCandi Glamour and Lust In Black Dress


Glamour, great taste and a whole lot of nakedness are waiting for you in this RazorCandi set where you can see her wearing a deliciously tight, short, black dress that displays her gorgeous figure perfectly while allowing you to see her silky skin, fantastic legs and red and black hair that captures your attention at first, so you can thoroughly scan her body from head to toe.

This set is very tasteful as it starts calmly, with RazorCandi merely showcasing her gothic personality in her elegant dress, but then things start getting hotter as she slowly removes her dress to reveal her great breasts and the rest of her naked body, to then lean back and give in to her lustful side while she includes you in the scene by way of her inviting stares. I’m looking forward to seeing this mix in her forthcoming coffee table book. There are 4 days left to pledge and get your own copy of her book or the exclusive T-shirt on Kickstarter.



Yowza! This set is smoldering and I’m lookin’ smoldering hot in that dress! Though a lot of my sets tend to get pretty hot and heavy when it comes to content I kind of felt this one should focus a little more on the art of seduction and keep it a little more subtle this way members become more absorbed in the photography and atmosphere. Dark and demure, this mysterious beauty will hypnotize you and take your mind somewhere else, so just click that slideshow button and enjoy 😉




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