RazorCandi Sexy Black Bikini Shows Less Is More


Sit down and get comfortable, because RazorCandi has a great photo set and a video for you today that will make you feel a lot of excitement with the black bikini that she is barely wearing. It is so small that it covers the basics of her body and brings out an intense lustful energy with it, which works rather well with the whole ensemble consisting also of her short, black hair with pigtails, and the hottest pair of thigh-high boots you’ve ever seen.

This shoot exudes eroticism from the start, so you should make sure your schedule is cleared because you’ll be looking at these images for a long while, especially because the level of sensuality increases on each as she shows off her body with her tiny bikini and then shows you the concealed parts so you can admire them while she treats herself with a toy she brought to play with.

For a true collectible item, we are all very excited about the Kickstarter she has going for a coffee table book of images like these!


There is definitely something about a little itty bitty bikini and a pair of big ass shit kickin’ boots that just works, don’t ya think? Plus if you know anything about me you know I love mixing super sexy things with super freaky styles which I think always make for a delightful con’cock’tion of steamy hot dark fetish looks and bad assery 😉 After all the underlying conflict often arises from the question of what is considered an appropriate way for women to present their bodies in public. When punk fashion was on the rise during the late 1970s, women consciously played with the symbolism inherent in their accessorizing, mixing choices that created a jarring visual clash; leather was combined with lace, steel spikes with velvet, and stiletto heels with heavy ankle chains. In my case I chose dominating platform boots paired with a sexy stripper bikini, short spiky hair and sweet pigtails. The result is to exaggerate a look of sexual aggression. Hope you equally enjoy this set and video!




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