Alecia Joy’s Playful Autumn


I love the idea of a nude Alecia Joy outdoors, especially in an autumn setting like this one because the fallen leaves offer a great contrast with her sultry skin and blue hair as she stares at you invitingly in this complete communion with nature that gives her some qualities that one would like to find in the lead character from an anime series.

At first, this Blueblood shoot shows a more playful side to Alecia Joy, by having her amusing herself with the leaves and flaunting her assets, which at this time are covered with her colorful patterned dress; however, after a while the dress comes off in a nice display of natural beauty and that initial whimsical nature gives way to a wave of savory fierceness only to return to the original spirited behavior.

It is by seeing this set that you realize how fun it is to be watching a gorgeous woman playing around in the woods, having a great time while maintaining that GothicSluts vibe and enjoying her nakedness.



More outdoor Mad Max goodness with Alecia Joy and Brett Nelson!
–Amelia G




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