Alecia Joy Limber Desire


This Blueblood set brings something interesting to the table, as it not only lets you see Alecia Joy’s hot body in a red corset and lingerie that you wish you could see more closely on valentine’s day, but it also takes advantage of other BarelyEvil physical qualities she possesses that make you feel things that would cause Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist to reevaluate herself.

I am talking about her flexibility, and it truly deserves praise here, as it is shown in a classy way that surprises you at every step of the way.

At first, you look at the images and check out the elegant components to them while you hope to see some more skin (which does come eventually); yet, as the images progress, you get to see something unexpected and equally wondrous in Alecia Joy’s limberness. It is worked into the photoset in such a seamless way that it allows you to feast your eyes on her skills and beauty.

Let’s face it: a woman with a flexible body is a dream. If that woman also happens to be wearing a corset, then that dream improves tenfold; but when that woman is Alecia Joy, then the level rises to a whole new level.


I love love love it when a person can do cool tricks. With her extensive academic and diverse practical background in dance, Alecia Joy is super flexi bendy. So Forrest Black and I shot her doing all sorts of nifty contortions. How great is she!
–Amelia G






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