Alecia Joy’s Intriguing Audacity


I like what Amelia G and Forrest Black have to offer with this one; it is as if they always try to find new things to absorb us with.

On this gallery by Blueblood, we see the beautiful Alecia Joy with an intense gaze, as she draws us in with her energy once more. Look into her eyes and tell me with a straight face that you would deny her anything she asks of you.

Her look with green and black camo pants and black top, that lets us see the outline of her breasts slightly, makes me wish there was a television show with her as the protagonist; imagine her saving the day with that enticing outfit. I like when the outfit comes off too.

Even better, picture her on the next Resident Evil movie, fighting zombies with that mace of hers. That would be something worthy to see as it appears Alecia Joy can do anything while imprinting her seal of sexyness upon it.


Alecia Joy is dangerous when she dances and a delightful addition to the Barely Evil Militia.




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