Flexible Schoolgirl Alecia Joy


This BlueBlood set shows you the impressively flexible and hot Alecia Joy while she wears a schoolgirl outfit that just looks like something taken right out of your innermost fantasies.

She starts with the full outfit at first, and then, almost immediately proceeds to bare more of her body by taking off her black top to reveal the very sexy bra she has on with which her breasts look absolutely fantastic.

She then continues showing you some sexy, BarelyEvil poses that require some mild flexibility, and while she does this, she focuses on teasing you further with her outfit to get your heart pumping faster, and one she has teased you enough, she removes her bra and lets her marvelous breasts take in the breeze while you stare in awe at her gorgeous figure.

She then shows you more of her limber nature by lifting her legs so you can see how flexible she is, and a lot of up-skirt shots as well, before deciding to take her skirt off and let you see her panties directly, continuing to take off her clothes until she is left wearing nothing but her stockings and platform shoes and a seductive look on her face.

A thing that I really enjoyed about this one is that, with the schoolgirl theme, Alecia Joy is wearing her hair in a ponytail, which looks amazing on her, as it gives her a powerful, yet playful look that is full of eroticism.



We had a really good time shooting these sexy schoolgirl themed photos with Alecia Joy. I love seeing her demonstrate her impressive flexibility and thos long legs look pretty amazing with that little skirt. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
~Forrest Black





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