Alecia Joy contorts around a desk


I’m flexible. I mean–flexible. I can do the splits. I know what it takes to be flexible and when I see someone like Alecia Joy take it to a whole new level, well, my hat’s off. She is amazing. The set up from BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black is simple: Have the blue haired sylph sit in a school desk. Give her some killer boots, a bit of punky funk leggings, and a short skirt and just watch the magic unfold. Alecia Joy is amazing here. Yes, I said it but it needs to be said again. Amazing.

I can’t show you most of the shots. Why? Well, she is rather topless in a lot of them and the rest kinda bend the Safe for Work rules when she exposes a bit too much of herself when she contorts. There is a scene where she literally has her leg draped over her back whilst sitting down so that the leg pops over her shoulder and her foot waves hello. I can’t even imagine the training and natural ability it takes to do something like this. To have it done in such a confined spot, well, my hat’s off again. If you like anything that resembles a skillful contortion act, then you need to see this photoshoot. Alecia Joy is petite, blue-haired and really talented. How talented? Well, there’s this one photo of her sitting down with both of her legs behind her neck. She looks like she could do any number of things in that position (I’d show it, but hey, it has panties and bits exposing!).

Alecia Joy makes a very sexy and very very flexible schoolgirl in this series shot by yours truly and Forrest Black. I love the amazing dancer contortions and poses Alecia can do. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with her. We call this set detention because of the bad girl schooldesk and smoking.
–Amelia G


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