Alecia Joy displays her BlueBlood


BlueBlood swag! I love Blue Blood. I really do. Amelia G and Forrest Black kick some major butt and I’ve yet to be let down by their models. Alecia Joy, seen here in the official t-shirt, is grounded (if you remember her from previous posts, Alecia is an amazing–truly jaw dropping–dancer on the ground and in the air) and looking rather devilish. Maybe it’s the blue hair with the shave doo. Maybe it’s the rather (thankfully) perfectly placed cross. Or maybe…just maybe, it’s that killer T-Shirt on the absolutely stunning Alecia Joy. Yes, I think that is it.

The thing that sets off a BlueBlood shoot from anything else is the attention to detail. Take a look at the set of pictures down here. What do we see? The makeup is flawless, as always (love her eyes!). The hair was perfect (so sayeth Warren Zevon). The background? Stunning. But the belt. The belt really makes it. I love this belt and the chain coming from it. The key (want to say TARDIS key, but I will refrain!) is a great touch too. Every small detail is thought of and really put in its place.

Alecia Joy looks mighty fine in one of our Blue Blood T-shirts in this series lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black.


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