RazorCandi the Gamer


RazorCandi’s younger self comes to shine in this photoshoot. I’m a ‘middle of the road’ gamer. I’m not as big into games as I used to be, but the ones I play sometimes consume my soul (jokes on the game, like Sexyfandom writers have souls! HA!). I like this shoot from RazorCandi. It reminds me of a more innocent time. Believe it or not, I was a bit of a geek growing up (shocker, I know). This reminds me of how a lot of my first crushes looked. Okay, so they didn’t have violet hair or Razor Candi’s tattoos, but the attitude was there. It’s part innocent and sweet mixed with razor wire.

In my imagination, this is what a date with Lisbeth Salander would look like. Not that I have thought long and hard about that sort of thing, but it does seem to match, doesn’t it? Just her, me, and the Playstation 2. What else would a guy need?


When I first saw the Video Games & Panties prize my first though was “nah, not really my thing” but then it dawned on me that it is the perfect thing since my thing is usually trying out styles I don’t normally do. Though admittedly I don’t have much times these days for video games I was a huge video game nerd in my youth so in a way shooting this set was kind of a tribute to my inner child only I’m an adult now so sometimes it’s hard to pay attention when I have other… eer… adult urges on my mind 😉 Luckily for you you get to see just what those urges are!


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