RazorCandi makes my Halloween with Zombified!


Holy crow, does RazorCandi ever do a bad shoot? I mean seriously, she puts out hit after hit with her photosets. Days like today are when I am so glad to review content for y’all. Let’s face it, Razor Candi is one of the most artistic alt models we have today. I don’t mean “we” as in our review sets, I mean “we” as in “the entire darn planet”. She is amazing to watch as she unfolds what could be a very graphic (don’t worry, it is!) low thought scene into something that is excellent. She is art. There, I’ve said it.

RazorCandi = Art.

The end. End of. Full stop.

Her outfit comes directly off the press of something between Hellraizer meets Living Dead Bondage (I think that was number 3?) meets Blade Runner. One of the very cool things about this set is how much I can show you. Yes, there are a lot of NSFW photos in this set. She is, after, all, “hungry for cock” (her words, not mine). In fact, she takes a few poses to demonstrate just how hungry a lot of her openings really are for her meal. I can’t show you those pictures (just picture Razor looking directly at the camera, her eyes piercing your soul as something else pierces her) but I can show you a few of these. The chain, oh the chain…I wonder if it comes into action later on? Okay, I don’t have to wonder since I can look at the NSFW set–if you were smart, you’d rush over here so you can stop wondering.

P.S. Extra points for knowing whose red and bloody hand print is on Razor’s smooth and creamy buttocks…


I’ve always been very interested in the collaboration of art meets erotica but sadly most adult toys and props are generally just realistic or very simple which makes them kind of boring in my opinion unless I am going for something like simplicity, so when I laid eyes on these horror themed adult toys my mind jumped into all kinds of creative and deeply erotic, artistic ideas. I’m very lucky to have a very special and loyal sponsor who has provided the means for me to get my hands on all 5 toys and now I give you the fifth of my five set Creatures of the Night series – Zombified! Back from the grave and hungry for cock!


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