RazorCandi is Alienated


For once, being ‘Alienated’ is a good thing. If you get to see the entire photoshoot from this sampling, then you’ll know just how good of a thing it can be. RazorCandi brings it hard with her new alien shoot. There are so many great photos here — unfortunately for you though, I can’t show most of them. This is one rocking hot NSFW set by RazorCandi. I absolutely love the work here with the blue tones bouncing perfectly off of her porcelain skin. Her ink is at full blast in a lot of these photos too, so if you never got your chance to really check out a few of her shoulder tats, then this is definitely the time. I’d love to show you a preview of said tats, but, alas, they are also attached to her quite naked skin. In fact, one of my favorite pictures of the entire set is RazorCandi posing, mouth open in a perfect little O, and her shoulder ink in full display. Let that sink in for a bit. Perfect O. Shoulder Ink. RazorCandi looking directly into your eyes. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping, then you may need to seek medical attention for a sudden case of ‘I’m dead’.

By the way, did I mention what she does with that mouth later on in the shoot? Let’s just say her hair isn’t the only thing blue. Note: As I am scrounging for pictures that are semi-safe for work (good luck for this set!) I am drawn to a picture that demonstrates her lashes in this shoot. I hate to crop and I refuse to use the NSFW blockage bits, but I might have to make an acception for this photo. It would be a crime not to be able to share it.


I’ve always been very interested in the collaboration of art meets erotica but sadly most adult toys and props are generally just realistic or very simple which makes them kind of boring in my opinion unless I am going for something like simplicity, so when I laid eyes on these horror themed adult toys my mind jumped into all kinds of creative and deeply erotic, artistic ideas. I’m very lucky to have a very special and loyal sponsor who has provided the means for me to get my hands on all 5 toys and now I give you the second of my five set Creatures of the Night series – The Alien which is clearly inspired by the amazing H.R. Giger!


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