Asphyxia Noir just made me jealous of a pumpkin


BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black carve up a good one with Asphyxia Noir. This is one of the shoots that showcase the amazing makeup details that Blue Blood is so good at capturing. Asphyxia Noir is gorgeous. We know this. She is also a hell of a good carver. In fact, the things that she does with that pumpkin make me a bit jealous. Why can’t we rest between her thighs? Why can’t our errm…seed…be strewn across her willing fingers?

Like most great shoots, there isn’t much I can put up here that is safe for work. I can tell you that the witch’s hat and mask work really well against her pale skin. What also works amazingly well is the face make up, which we’re told Asphyxia Noir did herself, as do most of the mysterious dark beauties on BlueBlood and Gothic Sluts. Asphyxia Noir is one of those rare breeds that can look stunning without a touch of makeup and can also make anything extreme or in bewtween work for her. A few favorite NSFW shots of mine include her with a small dagger. She seductively starts to flick her tongue towards it while topless. Oh and bottomless. In fact, it was pretty hard (errrm…difficult, you pun perves) to find a picture of her with clothes on.

Something tells me it will be a very Happy Halloween at Asphyxia Noir’s house indeed.

Amelia G and I had a fun and messy time shooting Goth pin-up babe Asphyxia Noir carving up her very first jack-o-lantern. I can’t believe she’s never done it before. Asphyxia did a really good job. Anyway, Happy Halloween season from all of us to all of you. Here is wishing you all the yummy treats.


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