Slice and Dice


Ever played the game Final Fantasy Type 0? It’s a game where there are so many characters and doesn’t have a single main protagonist and each and every character you control has a very deep and well made character plot. Which really something I love because it shows you a different perspective to each character and not being bias to a main one because there is no “main” character.

Although I said that you’ll equally love all of the character because there are no “main” ones I do have a favorite one which closely reminds me of another characer and that is Slice. Slice is also a member of Class Zero and is the number 6 of the class, one thing that made her very peculiar to me is that she wields a giant scythe and has this very sleek and serious look on her face, which CLOSELY reminds me of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. The cosplay however did not have any weapon, the one thing I want you readers to take note of is the very close resemblance of her appearance to Slice herself! Weapons are just there as final touch because it’s something that you can apply to anyone but the facial features and character portrayal is something given by the cosplayer alone.

Our cosplayer today was brought to us by StudioK2 who provides us with so much array of different cosplayers and one of them is Ketsuri. Both of them are Vietnamese artist who had been doing their job in the cosplay industry for almost 4 years now. You can find more of StudioK2’s work on his DeviantArt page. He also has a Facebook page which is named StudioK2 but it was removed by him and gave focused on his DeviantArt Gallery.


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