Vanille by Kiara Berry Cosplay


If you are a true fan of Final Fantasy XIII you will love this cosplay!

We present you a talented cosplayer Kiara Berry, who perfectly becomes Vanille from this planetary popular game.

“I Love Final Fantasy XIII and Vanille is one of my favorite characters from the game! A lot of people find her annoying, but I think she’s a very important character in the story and she deserves more love.”

Don’t worry dear, you are far from annoying! So sexy and innocent, you look awesome in this costume.

“I made the costume more than a year ago. I’m quite happy with it even though the beads-armor-whateveritscalled gave me some trouble, since the beads arrived in the wrong colors and I had to hand-paint almost all of them. The weapon is made by my grandfather and I.”

Thumbs up for grandpa!

We also like how you took the time to make the beads on the armor, especially since you had to fix them with paint.

If you are interested in Kiara’s work, like her Facebook and see more from this sexy cosplayer.

Photos were taken by Dizzy Monogatary.


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