Is Saber Your Best Girl?


After I knew of the Fate/Stay franchise and decided to get into it I found myself smackdab in the middle of a ship war and people declaring their support for their best girl. I saw that among the most supported waifus by the fans is Saber.

Now, I may be neutral when it comes to all these best girl or waifu favoritism going on but let me just say that I love Saber’s designs and I’m sure some people would agree! So, Saber fans rejoice, I’ve brought you another cospaly of your best girl.

Chinese cosplayer, Xiaoban, has been fond of the Fate series since its release. Evidently, Xiaoban is fond of Saber and has cosplayed different versions of the character. Likewise, she has also cosplayed Rin Tohsaka who is also from the same series.


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