Saber Alter Cosplay by Chihiro


Whether or not you’re a fan of Fate/Stay Night franchise or if you’re just the typical RPG/Visual Novel gamer, Fate/Extra is a pretty decent game. However, it may not be for RPG gamers who are not so used to having a lot of text on their games. Again, the game is part visual novel so it’s understandable that players who prefer a more action-packed interaction would want to walk away from this.

As expected from something that was birthed by the Fate/Stay series, the game is well-written and some of the character designs were something to look forward to. This is true especially for the Fate/Stay cosplayers like Chihiro, who seems to have found it relishing to cosplay different versions of “Saber Alternative” or “Saber Alter” from Fate/Extra. Her passion for cosplay and for this series has led her to cosplay three different forms of Saber – default, dress, and swimsuit.


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