Alecia Joy’s Flaming Mirage


If the first thing out of your mouth when you see Alecia Joy is not “wow” or a variation that shows how awe stricken you are at this; then, you should re-evaluate your life up to this point.

If her somber beauty does not appeal to you, then all you need to remember is: She has got fire at her fingertips! You cannot go bolder than what BlueBlood has brought together here.

Her appearance makes it easy to imagine her in the roster for the next Mortal Kombat game, now that would be a DLC worth getting.

The devilish appearance that the hairstyle, makeup and flames bring to her character make us wonder: how can Amelia G and Forrest Black take this to the next level?

The answer: Have the lascivious Alecia Joy dance around with the flames, and, after a while, cast aside everything she is wearing, but keep the flames going, preserving the enigmatical appeal to her as she twirls them around in a way that makes your heart stop from excitement.


Because flames are even more ephemeral than human beauty, I like to shoot fire a number of different ways when the opportunity arises.



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