I Do Believe in Veronica Chaos


VeronicaChaos is cosplaying Tinkerbell. She has her trusty ventriloquist dummy Slappy cosplaying Peter Pan, as is befitting his role. (Slappy is her most notable partner and he is never gonna grow up, so, yeah, Peter Pan cosplay.) For some reason, her Dragon puppet is helping with a dummyoke rendition of the song The Internet Is For Porn from the Tony award winning musical Avenue Q (see YouTube below or book tickets on Broadway, if you visit New York.) Come to think of it, the Avenue Q people should really take advantage of that free profile registration option to interview VeronicaChaos for a role in their show. VeronicaChaos would be so amazing in a musical involving puppets (or ventriloquist dummies or whatever the PC term is.) Wouldn’t you fly to New York to see VeronicaChaos on Broadway? Somebody make this happen. Or don’t. And then we all get to keep seeing her amazing over-the-top shows regularly on the internet. VeronicaChaos always makes me a little extra happy, any time I catch a few minutes of one of her infamous broadcasts. Is a Dragon really canon for the Peter Pan universe? Ya know, I’m usually very canon, but I don’t think I’m too worried about this.







Name: VeronicaChaos
Hi! I’m Veronica Chaos, the ventriloquist camgirl! I specialize in weird boners and everything you didn’t know you need in your life! Thanks for checking me out!

Me and this c*nt make all sorts of crazy pornos, though she calls it “art” because fucking camgirls. She’s too good for privates.

SLAPPY! I prefer to spend my time in public, hanging out with my friends and entertaining the room. Stop by and get to know us!


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