Veronica Chaos Harley Quinn Cosplay


VeronicaChaos made this cool picture of herself right before she hopped online. I would make screenshots to show you guys how gorgeous she looks in her Harley Quinn cosplay, only she is solidly past the SFW portion of the show now and I am way too sleepy to censor pics tonight. Anyway, VeronicaChaos is continuing her epic mega month and there is a reason Slappy has an anticipatory smile on his face and it is not just because he is getting into his Joker cosplay. It is free to set up a profile on the site tonight and engage in evil plotting with beautiful VeronicaChaos. Lot of retro 40’s music is the soundtrack for tonight.


Name: VeronicaChaos
Hi! I’m Veronica Chaos, the ventriloquist camgirl! I specialize in weird boners and everything you didn’t know you need in your life! Thanks for checking me out!

Me and this c*nt make all sorts of crazy pornos, though she calls it “art” because fucking camgirls. She’s too good for privates.

SLAPPY! I prefer to spend my time in public, hanging out with my friends and entertaining the room. Stop by and get to know us!


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