RazorCandi shows off her Penny Dreads and Deathrock


I am a huge fan of RazorCandi. I mean, I am excited by everything from her style of clothes, to her tats, and right down to that smile. It’s great to be able to bring you a bit of her creative collaboration between her and Amanda Tea.

This set screams new fashion. Penny Dreads and Wigs puts out some really hot product and who better to showcase their new creations than the muse herself, RazorCandi.

As you can see for yourself, the meshing of styles is really pulled off quite well here. I love how the hair accentuates the criss-cross torn top held together by the old punk standby of safety pins. Another item that draws my attention is how the hair kisses her crucifix belt that adorns her waist. The makeup, as always, is flawless. Let’s face it, RazorCandi makes black sexy. Period. End of. But what really makes the black work is her ink. I love the touch of colour from the thigh and arm.

Now, if you want to see more of RazorCandi, you know where to click…

A collaboration between myself and Amanda Tea’s Penny Dreads & Wigs. I’m wearing the RazorCandi Collection deathrock half wig which was based off my design. It’s always both an exciting and fun endeavor when the opportunity arises to model for a designer or company. In this set you will see the fashion side of RazorCandi!


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