Burning Angel present the Ultimate Star Trek Slash


Star Trek Slash is near legendary. We have seen the fan fiction, the photos of Kirk and Spock together–sometimes half-naked and cuffed together–and even a photo of Spock Vega dressed up in his 7′ glory doing things with someone who was talking in a Kirk delivery (long story). This BurningAngel shoot features Will Powers and Rachel Ravaged as Kirk and Spock, respectively. I have to say I sat on this review for some time. I am a huge Star Trek fan and I will admit that I may have watched this video more than a few (hundred) times. That’s right–this photoset has a video companion and both are darn good.

Burning Angel does a lot of things right but one thing they knock right out of the park is their parody videos (did you know one was mentioned on John Oliver’s show? Yeah, that’s how well known Burning Angel parody is). This Slash video is, well, darn right brilliantly perfect. We have Kirk (along with facial features) about to rush off to meet his ‘friend’ Spock after a hard day’s works saving and/or sleeping with the galaxy. The only thing missing in this Star Trek shoot is Kirk’s shirt ripping apart.

If you like Star Trek, Slash, or even just want to see a petite tattooed model get freaky with someone who looks like a bearded Bill Shatner, then this is your stop. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you came. #LLAP

Will Powers was ready to go to the comic book convention with Rachel Ravaged, his girlfriend – but she looked so sexy cosplaying as a gender-bending Spock that he became fully erect when she called him her captain and couldn’t help it but help himself to her Vulcan geek pussy. That sweet round ass and out-of-this-world natural titties are registering nominal, and all systems are go – prepare for warp speed straight into her intergalactic porn. The convention could wait until “Captain Kirk” made her cum and blew his load faster than the speed of light onto her beautiful face.


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