Rachel Ravaged as Spock


I have a soft spot for Mr Spock. While Kirk was out wrecking the girls in green, Spock was the voice of reason (or logic). I think he was, as pointed out more than once, the most human of them all. Burning Angel brings us this little treat of Rachel Ravaged dressed up as our beloved Vulcan. It is a bit weird to see this photo shoot as I can see hear Nimoy’s voice in my head narrating the words I type. I guess there are worse things I can have in my head, right?

I can’t show much of this shoot. A lot of it is her naked and that is perfect because it will segway into a video set that features Rachel Ravaged (I won’t spoil it here, but I will say that all those Slash (if you know what it means, you’re gonna nod your head) theories just might be right). As a stand alone set, I really like it. Rachel is a great Vulcan with a rather killer set of tattoos. I’m not sure if Spock had any ink, but if he did I would imagine he’d look a lot like this.

Live long and prosper, indeed.

Set your phasers to stunning: It’s Rachel Ravaged cosplaying a gender bending Spock! I know you want this Madam Spock to hop on your cock.


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