Happy Easter, Burning Angel!


This Burning Angel Easter set is very simply constructed, but what really makes it are the makeup and Joanna Angel herself. The set is just a progression of dressed to naughty without any real background or anything, but Joanna Angel is wearing bright pink and purple colors and her sparkling bright personality (and of course bunny ears.) The bunny rabbit makeup is extremely well done, so kudos to the makeup artist, but Joanna Angel really bring the makeup to life with her lively smile and ability to inject humor into all things sexy. Burning Angel has also been working on a science fiction parody video series lately and I’ve been meaning to cover it.

burningangel easter bunny joanna angel

burningangel easter bunny joanna angel

I’m a cute little slut bunny! I like to wiggle my little bunny nose and my cute bunny tits, and shake my poofy bunny tail, which is actually a surprise bunny buttplug I had in my sweet bunny ass the whole time!


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