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Okay, so I guess the lifeguard who broke up the fun actually did do a bit more than come on the set (this time, I think there is a pun). I didn’t get to see the action with him, but this BurningAngel ‘I Ain’t No Pink Pussy’ video is smoking hot. It is also pretty funny (for the right reasons). Joanna Angel plays the ‘girl from not around here’ and she runs into the bad girls of the town. It is the classic beach girl show down. Instead of fighting, there is dancing. It reminded me of Norm MacDonald’s SNL skit about Westside Story where he was the leader of the Sharks and the other gang comes by to have a fight and everyone starts dancing. He looks over the the camera and says “What the hell are you guys dancing for? I’m going to get killed!”. (Ya had to be there…)

The parody here works. If Burning Angel does one thing right it is parody. I haven’t seen a bad one yet from them. After the dance off things get steamy with Tori Lux and Joanna Angel. How steamy? Let’s just say I can’t even talk about the things they do. It’s hot. It’s one on one. It’s on a folding chair. I’ve seen my share of girl on girl (and my share of fake girl on girl) and this isn’t it. Dammit, when Joanna Angel makes a girl-girl scene, she MAKES a girl-girl scene!

If you like Burning Angel–at all–you need to see this video. Yes, it is that darn good. I’ll show you the screenshots that I can, but notice they sorta stop when Joanna meets Tori…

Also, this parody involves a shark (not to be confused with a gang Shark.)

Here’s a scene from our upcoming girl gang grindhouse shark movie! Yeah!! It stars me and Tori Lux, who I caught trying to grow a Japanese Cock Shark by adding it to the water in the pool, to get revenge for those Pink Pussy girls stabbing her sister to death! Trust me, it makes a lot of sense, and there was hot tattooed lesbian pussy licking in polkadot bikinis in it for me. I used Tori’s pretty face like a fucking chair and loved every minute of it!

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