Red Rogue Molly Winters


Something I really enjoy about this BlueBlood gallery is how passionate Molly Winters is in every image, as if she was going all out showing you how BarelyEvil, seductive and memorable she can be.

Every part of Molly Winters’ deliciously smooth anatomy is covered with red paint, which makes her look like she has no paint on her at all and that is just the color of her skin. Her blonde hair looks fantastic and does actually make her look like a rogue; however, as it is usual with Molly Winters, she comes off as a devilish being that you would not mind receiving you in the afterlife.


We just met Molly Winters at a pervy convention in Las Vegas and she was such a sweetie. I’m very pleased to have had the chance to shoot some fun creative devilgirl pictures with her. Actually, Amelia shot a lot of this set and I think she really rocked it. Anyhow, more wicked hot stuff on the way. ~Forrest



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