Marylin’s Sarah Connor Cosplay Combat Stimulation


Wow! This CosplayErotica set is a dream come true. Seriously: Who didn’t fantasize about Sarah Connor from Terminator 2? She was not only strong, but capable, brave, super-hot, she stopped judgment day with the aid of her son and she even defeated a terminator when she was not even combat ready.

Well, if you like the idea of Sarah Connor under a different light, stick around, for Marylin has just the thing you’re looking for with her characteristic suggestiveness and pleasing looks.

The costume is very well done and makes her look hard as nails, while her shades make her look even more tempting when she holds her weapons as she gets ready for battle before she shows you what the future holds for you under her combat gear.

The fact that Marylin keeps her military cap, her boots and her thigh holster as she gets naked and rubs her hands over her body is stunning and a treat reserved for the bravest fighters who can handle the large doses of excitement contained on every image and the video that comes with them.



Sarah Jeanette Connor is a fictional character in the Terminator franchise. The character develops from a timid damsel in distress victim in the first film to a wanted fugitive committing acts of terrorism, and a hardened warrior and mother who sacrificed everything for her son’s future and is on the verge of losing touch with her own humanity. She is finally reimagined as a young, headstrong heroine determined to take control of her own destiny.



marylin connor


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