Disney’s Ariel as you never seen her before (Masuimi Max style!)


Disney has a habit of making things that were rather cutting in design into something sugary sweet. If you grew up watching the Little Mermaid, you might want to avoid reading the source material as it could very well destroy your childhood. Masuimi Max brings the Ariel we know from the Disney film alive and she does so in stunning style. One of the first things I noticed was her shell bra. This is where Masuimi Max really shines (no, this isn’t a bust joke!). She designed the bra herself via a paint job and customization. How many models have the artistic vision to design their own clothes (and set, by the way!).

The colors here really work in this shoot. There are the nice blues that mix in with the green tail and the purple shells. Her red hair accentuates her skin and it actually goes rather well in bringing out the colors of her tattoos. One of my favorite parts of this set though are the bubbles. I don’t know what draws me to them, but I think it is the ‘fun’ vibe they give off. We see a happy Ariel here. We also see a rather playful one. I’m pretty sure if Ariel looked like Masuimi Max in the book, it would have had a vastly different ending (seriously, don’t read it if you love the movie version).

What really makes this shoot something special is when Masuimi Max is posing in her human form. Of course, I can’t show you any of those shots, but you can use your imagination a bit. Let’s just say her human form brought back some rather vivid flashback of Jessica Rabbit. I know, this is a Mermaid set, but take a look at some of those tailless pictures and tell me that isn’t throwing your visual memory for a spin. Another great cosplay set by one of the best and enjoyable thru and thru.

84 photos: Morat 666

Tribute to Ariel from the Little Mermaid.. I turn into a naked human lady at the end of the shoot 😉 Morat and I built this set together.. I made the rock out of paper mache! Skirt and shell bra painted and customized by me (originally the skirt was made in white by Violaceous Latex.)

XOXO, Masuimi

P.S. I tried to upload this on the 26th, but the hotel we were staying at had my site blocked and I didn’t have time to go to an internet cafe.. I hope you like the pics, this is one of my favorite sets of all time! We fly back to LA today.. stay tuned for the naughty pics we took on our hotel balcony. There was a ZERO nudity policy at our hotel, there were notices posted everywhere that said if you were caught they would throw you out and not refund you for your stay.. heh, we did it anyway!


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