Mad Masuimi Max


Mad Masuimi Max. Say that three times real fast. Masuimi Max is back and this time she’s got a few friends. I love the look of this shoot. I can just about smell the grease and feel the fire here. Plus, you know, any shoot that is punk based (yeah yeah, I know Mad Max is the base, but what do you think is the basis for that movie’s gear?) and can involved open flames, high powered weapons, and some killer (no pun) women, well, that’s a solid set of pictures.

Morat + Masuimi Max = Magic and this photoshoot is no different. There is a lot going on: You have the real dirty down to the ground look that works well here. The fishnets are ripped, the hair is spiked, the clothes are about to pop off the skin, and yet there is an element of glamour here. I’m a big punk fan (and a Mad Max fan) so this is a huge treat for me. If you like strong women wearing some killer things (Masuimi Max’s boots! Wow! It’s time like this when I curse the choices men get for shoes….) then this is really the shoot for you–from fire to goddesses, this shoot has it all.

Is it me or does Masuimi’s top look a bit like Wonder Woman? Even if it is ‘just me’, let me have that fantasy, will ya!

19 photos: Morat
wardrobe: vests by Erin Micklow Stylist, corset by Sweet Carousel Corsetry
makeup: Jennifer Corona + I Am Sin

I’m just here for the gasoline.

This was such an exciting set to shoot, and so much fun to do it with the stunning Christy Mack and fiercely beautiful Erin Micklow.

To say we were a bit terrified during the test run is an understatement. Ever hear the term fight or flight? Well, apparently in the face of danger I stand still and snarl! Ha ha! Christy remained gorgeous and Erin left immediately.. which I totally understand because there was a chance of her hair catching on fire! I had bits of synthetic hair clip-ins burning off and flying around behind me, which didn’t help the matter. Oh, and guess what!? We have it all on film. Ha! I’ll put the clips together and post it this week!


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