Masuimi Max the Atomic Bombshell


This Atomic Bombshell shoot from Masuimi Max brings us the rather desolate look of what most post-apocalyptic films thought 2010 would look like. I’m not sure if I recognize the background as an exact match, but it does remind me of the old bomb shelter areas that were scattered across the Las Vegas desert. If you’ve ever spent time out in Vegas, you know just how unrelenting that sun can be. Even if that wasn’t her location, just imagine how hot that leather and those chains really got in the sun. You think you swear a lot when you accidentally touch your steering wheel after shopping? Try putting that heat on your privates and that’s probably what we have going on here. One huge strength Masuimi brings as a model is that no matter the circumstance, she still pulls off some great shots. Her and Morat make this look easy.

I have to say, I really dig her outfit here. The boots and bra are great touches and really sets this firmly into post-punk land. The jacket and bottoms are a great mix of custom made look and ‘ready to wear’. Erin Micklow needs an award for her work (period). She really puts together something unique and I know more than one person who would love to go home in something like this.

There are a lot of great ink shots here. You can see her back tattoos rather well and her arm ones come out rather nicely. I can’t show you any of these because she’s mostly nude in the shots, but there is a great shot where she is slightly up the ladder and her back ink is featured perfectly along with her skull and crossbones on the side of her hair. If you love ink or just a punk leather look then you really should check this shoot out. Here are a few teasers to get you started:

40 photos: Morat
wardrobe: Erin Micklow Stylist
makeup: Jennifer Corona + I Am Sin

Just a quick set in the scorching sun.. You can run, but you can’t hide!


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