Masuimi Max is one smoking tiger


Masuimi Max shows her true stripes when she dons her tiger suit. This ‘la tigra’ shoot features a bit of posturing for the feline femme fatale. I love the play here for the shoot. Masuimi really gets into the tiger costume (and the tail is rather adorable, too). She poses, she claws, and she licks. One of the major features of this set is how she really does pose like a cat. Morat did a great job letting us see Masuimi Max as the way we would normally see a cat–from above. I think this added the perfect (trying not to pun here) touch.

Although this shoot does feature smoking, I am showing two non-smoking shots. Masuimi has a lot of great shots, and it is really difficult to choose just two to show you. I loved her pose of licking herself. She repeats this a throughout the shoot with–and without–the tiger onesie. Speaking of without the clothing, we get treated to a lot of her ink in this shoot. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the ink because she is rather naked.

I can tell you that if you like these Tigra teases, you will love the rest of the set. There is a really awesome shot (not featured in this review, sorry!) of her. She’s topless, lying on her stomach. The Tiger hat is still on and her eyes–that blue really pops–really set the photo off nicely. The colors come to life and her tattoos play gingerly with the colors in her eyes and lips. It really is a stunning (as most of these shots are) photo. This set shows the playful side of Masuimi Max and I think everyone will love it. Yes, even you non-cat lovers will fall for this, but if anyone is a furry…I can’t imagine a better picture set for you.

This shoot was inspired by some artwork I found online while searching for a tiger costume for a tv show I am working on. I fell in love with the images, they really stuck with me, I just had to do this shoot and find out more info! After some research I found out the artwork was created in the 50’s by illustrator Al Moore and the model is beautiful Angelina Saey. It was used for a cigarrette brand in Belgium called TIGRA.

XOXO, Masuimi Max

P.S. We are going to Hawaii this Thursday! I am performing my Secretary routine on Friday, then Morat and I are shooting! I see some sexy island pics on the site very soon! Oh, and video!


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