Masuimi Max at the Mermaid Caves


This morat shoot of Masuimi Max at the Mermaid (I must…resist….mer…man. Merman! Oh, that Zoolander!) Caves. When I first saw the shoot, I thought that maybe these were mermaid inspired. However, this shoot is the quintessential Goddess pose for Masuimi Max. Maybe it’s because I grew up with the Hans Christian Andersen ‘og’ version of the Little Mermaid and link mermaids with death, destruction, and sadness. So, even the location here gives me false echoes.

I really love the radiance of this shoot. I know I covered Masuimi as Khaleesi, but this could very well be an extension of that shoot. It’s the mixture of the gorgeous water and the headpiece that Masuimi is wearing here. It really does make me think of ‘This is what Daenerys would look like on the beach basking in her dragon’s glow after conquering the West’. Maybe I am reading too much into this lovely shoot, but I think there is a great argument to be made here for a Game of Thrones theme. Why don’t you check it out and see if you agree with me. The worst thing that can happen is that you have to spend your time looking at some great shots of Masuimi Max as she wears a rather spectacular headpiece and not much else. Poor you.

32 photos: Morat
jewelry: Evil Pawn Jewelry
makeup: I Am Sin

Shot at the Mermaid Caves in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was so exciting, we had to crawl through a small hole to get to the caves. We went the day before to scout the location, but it took a while to find and the tide was too high to shoot. The waves were really strong, so we went back again the next day and tried again. It was worth the effort! I love these pictures!


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