Khaleesi Masuimi Max


My introduction to Masuimi Max is a fitting one. This Game of Thrones inspired shoot comes at you in multiple layers. Yes, the obvious layer is that Masuimi looks like she could have very well been cast into the series. There is something very regal about her and this series really allows that side to come out. Can you imagine going in front of Queen Masuimi? I think she could give Cersei a run for her money in cunning.

The other major layers that pop out come in the design of both set and wardrobe (not to mention that rather gorgeous makeup). When I look at what Masuimi is wearing, I see a rather nice red piece that is joined top-to-bottom with a black linklet. But when the filters for the photos are added, that dress pops really hard. The patterns on the dress, subtle in the red, really come out with the various filters. I love how, and this could just be my imagination, the top looks a bit like dragon skin. I’m not suggesting the Mother of Dragons would skin her children, but I do believe that these photos bring out the dragon qualities of the dress. It really is something I could imagine the Khaleesi wearing.

There are a ton of photos (both in the safe for work and the NSFW categories) that I wish I could show you. I had to limit myself to two and only two, though. It was a rather tough job since this really is just a fantastic photoset for any GoT geek like myself. I will say there are more than a few you really need to see. There is one with Masuimi and a bird that I think is a ‘must see’ and there are several of her in various filters (and stages of undress) that really pop off the screen. Oh, and if you are a fan of tattoos (I know I am), then there are a group of photos that you really have to see that involve the photo filters and her tattoos. I’m not sure who did postprod for these photos (I see Morat did the taking of, so the post is probably Morat too), but hats off.

Edit: We loved this shoot so much that it became the cover feature of our first issue of Bazowie! magazine with a fabulous interview with fabulous Masuimi Max inside!

The Iron Throne
75 photos: Morat
throne: Keoni Maemori
latex: Lady Allura’s Latex
jewelry: Evil Pawn Jewelry
heels: Ellie Shoes
makeup: I Am Sin

I am a huge fan of the tv show Game of Thrones, when I was presented with the opportunity to shoot with the iron throne.. I almost peed! Emilia Clarke is a talented gorgeous creature, with a very unique look.. rather than try to look like the beautiful Emilia, I came up with my own version of Khaleesi.. the tv show is based on a book, so why not? Shot in a beautiful forest in Hawaii. This was an amazing day.. Keoni and his friend brought the throne to the forest, and even set it up with a fog machine.. I didn’t have to lift a finger! Well, I am the queen.. here. 😉 I have many many thanks to give to my girl Tracy Lashes, she always takes care of Morat and I.. I love her!


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