Zeta Cosplay Invitingly Flirtatious


I’ve installed quite a number of games on my device but ended up uninstalling because I lost interest and it got boring really quick. Granblue Fantasy, thankfully is one of those MMOs that will hook you in for a longer time. The game is an RPG with a turn-based fighting style that kind of reminds me of the earlier Final Fantasy games. The character voices are Japanese dubbed by famous voice actors – I guess it’s a plus to hear them act in-game.

There aren’t that many cosplays as of yet but since an anime is said to have been green lit, cosplayers will be jumping into the bandwagon soon enough.

At the moment, I have much appreciation to the gamers at heart who’ve successfully cosplyed their loved Granblu characters. One of them is this Zeta cosplayer, Mike (read: Mi-keh), and yes, she’s a girl even though the name seems male. Mike is a Japanese cospalyer who has been known to cosplay characters from varied anime and game genres. Her cosplays mostly show skin but they are never in a shabby manner.

Mike is one of those cosplayers who sell her merchandise during events so if ever you’re in a Japan event go pick up one of her ROM disks. If you’re already in Japan and can understand the ordering how to’s in Japanese you can click here to see more of Mike’s work in HD.


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