Valeera Sanguinar by Aliza Cosplay


Expert assassin. Deadly gladiator. Best knife skills in her cooking class, according to survivors.

Yes, this is Valeera Sanguinar from Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft, revived by the great Russian girl Aliza Cosplay.

Obviously, a lot of work went into this. Perfect cosplay – it’s very accurate to the original character with the clothes being nicely detailed, and the weapons having a colorful design which gives a good variety of colors to it.

Amazing job Aliza!

And your facial expressions are great, too. I think that this cosplay is one of my favorite from Heartstone – Valeera would be proud!

If you find this talented girl interesting, visit her Facebook, YouTube and Instagram page and find more great photos.

Photos were taken by photographer Anna Tihonova.


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